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Binahaan Mountain
Town/City:  Pagbilao
Province:  Quezon
13° 59.951N   121° 45.382E
Listed in Gallery:   Mountain Peak

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The imposing mountain range which serves as a majestic backdrop of Barangay Binahaan has a steep slope and plateau-like top. This mountain has become a favorite site for tree-planting activities.

Directly under the slope of this mountain is the Binahaan Elementary School. According to the school principal, experts has suggested the relocation of school because of the threat of landslide; hence, the tree planting activities being undertaken by various sectors will be significant to help this threat subside (irregardless if the school would indeed be relocated).

Promoting this spot as a mountaineer's destination, Mountainers/Trekkers are known nature lovers that they are envisioned to also help in the tree planting effort.
Army troopers who has to climb this mountain as part of their physical training has dubbed it as "Ahon Walang Ngiti" - to emphasize that the slope is so steep that climbers will be unable to smile. Yet, even overweight people were also able to climb and rewarded with the unexplainable sense of accomplishment upon reaching the top.

How to get there

Pagbilao is the next town, 9 km from Lucena City traversed by the National Highway going to Bicol.

To reach Brgy. Binahaan from Pagbilao, just follow the National Highway going to Atimonan. Counting bridges may help to let you know that you are at the right track. First is Tambak Bridge right at the boundary of the town proper. Second is Palsabangon Bridge. Third, at Sta. 145+500, is Iringan Bridge. A little farther, find Binahaan Elementary School to your left in the vicinity of the junction of the access road to Pagbilao Power Station. Find the trail head to the left of the highway a few meters from the school. The trail to the top was measured by GPS to be approximately 1.4km reaching a height of 375m above sea level.

View from the Top

It was said that this mountain is a favorite destination for climbers during the lenten season. That may no longer be true. The climbing may become whole year round, due to increasing awareness of the status of the mountain. The Army, Police, Reservists, Youth Organizations, Barangay people, Students, Employees, NGOs and other concerned citizens have been participating in climbs and bringing up seedlings for planting.

These pictures may not look good because the real thing of being there on top to see the whole view is exponentially better

Trekkers have a choice of tracing back the same route to return to civilization or to hike further north and emerge from the other side of the mountain in the vicinity of Katapang Falls. However, for the second option, a guide is recommended since the trail is unclear.

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