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Calijon Falls, Malvar
Province:  Batangas
14° 02.773N   121° 07.069E
Listed in Gallery:   Waterfalls

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This falls is located at Barangay San Gregorio (formerly Barangay Calijon) about 4.5km east of Malvar, Batangas.   Its waters come from natural springs just right above it which is reputed to be a very good source of fresh, sparkling drinking water. A well-known national distributor of bottled drinking water actually taps the springs above as its source of mineral water.
The water from the falls is interestingly warm and pleasant to bathe in. The falls can be reached by taking a short hike from the barangay road and about 300 steps down the concrete pathway built by the barangay.
This place seems to be poorly kept. From what we gather from the local folks, it seems that no one is actually in charge of the upkeep and maintenance of the falls and the surrounding areas. It was apparent that several irresponsible people who have previously visited have littered the place extensively. And, since there is nobody in charge to keep the place clean, trash had been lying around for a while, perhaps waiting for some other people (like us) to pick up the litter and dispose of it properly. Its just so sad to see sparkling clean water flowing through dirty surroundings...
How to go there
From Manila, take the South Luzon Tollway all the way to the south end. At the end of the tollway, take the exit that points to Lucena and drive along this national road until you reach the Calamba boundary. About 1.5km from the boundary of Calamba, turn right and take the Star Tollway (Batangas Expressway) and exit at Bulihan/Malvar.   At the exit, head southwest toward Bulihan. A short distance from Bulihan, there will be a junction. Turn right then head for Calijon (San Gregorio). Road distance from Bulihan exit to Calijon is about 3.3km. At Calijon, you can ask around where the pathway that leads to Calijon Falls is.

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