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Cervera Shoal
Province:  Bohol
09° 29.400N   123° 50.700E
Listed in Gallery:   Dive & Snorkeling Site

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a.k.a Snake Island, Sunken Island, Monad Shoal, Spaghetti Reef

This shoal is known for the numerous sea snakes that can be found here. Thus, it is also called the Snake Island and Spaghetti Reef by divers.
Stories from divers tell that this shoal was literally overflowing with sea snakes back in the 1980's, when one can dive and is guaranteed to see hundreds of snakes. But the snakes were overharvested through the years by fishermen and sold for only 20 pesos per snake on the local market! The snake population dwindled drastically and, these days, on a dive, you would be lucky if you saw a dozen snakes. On our dive we saw eight snakes. Not much corals here ... perhaps they were wiped out because the shoal has been known to be dynamited often even to these days.

The shoal is about 300 meters wide, and its "table top" is at 8 meters (25ft) depth. The edges slope roughly 45 degrees downwards to over 100ft and on these slopes you will find the snakes. On the southwest side of the shoal is a very steep wall that drops to over 200ft.

Currents can be very strong here. Divers should take note that the top of the shoal is at 25ft(8m) and therefore safety stops will have to be done on free water. So, when currents are running, divers can easily drift to blue water while doing safety stops. Bringing and deploying inflatable signal tubes is recommended so the boatmen can see your location as you surface.

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