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Mt. Daguldol
Town/City:  San Juan
Province:  Batangas
13° 40.285N   121° 20.603E
Note: The above coordinates were only calculated from a map; not actual reading; may not be accurate.
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This is actually one of my favorite hiking/camping spot. The place is privately owned but in cooperation with the local guides, the place is being used as camp site. You will have to register at the guide HQ located at the jeepney terminal in Barrio Hugom. P30 per head. then your group will need to hire a guide which will lead you thru the trek. Although the guide simply leads the way, the fee is mandatory. And although there is only one trail going up and down, which means di ka maliligaw, you still need to hire a guide. Tip: dont hire for an overnight guide, you can do away with the guide once you're there. P350/guide.

The trek is level 1 climb (easy) during the non-summer season. I judge it as level 2 in terms of difficulty during summer due to the heat you'll encounter on the first 3/5 of the climb. The remaining parts will pass thru a forest where the trees provide adequate shade on your trek. The path is ok. There are areas where the path would be very slippery during when it rains (these are short distances maybe 3-10 meters, and there are about 8 of them along the trek).

On the first half of the climb, you'll pass by several houses where you can rest, buy some softdrinks or halo-halo or fresh buko (the buko is not always there).

Climb is around 4 hours including rests. I usually start the climb at 1pm (i stay at the beach from morning to lunch). It is hot at the peak at noon, although you could take refuge at the trees for shelter. I arrive at the peak by 5pm, in time for a little rest and then watch the sunset, and take pictures, set camp and whatever. Experienced people can finish the trek in 2 hours (like the guides). But when i brought some first time hikers there, it was 4 hours.

There are two campsite close to each other and one a bit farther. For me, the best site is the peak (i think they call it gulugod baboy). The second one, biggest and closest to the water supply is the niyogan (obviously marming puno ng niyog. malas if may mahulog na dahon or bunga sa tent nyo.) There is water supply at the campsite for cooking and washing (not bath, kasi mahina lang to. you need a container kasi you get the water from a hose which gets it from a natural spring).

Waypoint narrative by: Rafi_Delica 2004