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Waypoints Reef 1
Town/City:  Calapan
Province:  Oriental Mindoro
13° 26.210N   121° 13.100E
Listed in Gallery:   Dive & Snorkeling Site

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We discovered this nice reef when we did a fun dive after doing volunteer reefcheck surveys at Silonay Island, Calapan, Mindoro for reefcheck.org and ecorescue.org.
This reef is still unexplored and the local people claim no one has yet dove this reef. And so, we are giving it a name ... Waypoints Reef 1
It was probably left unexplored to this day because of its remoteness from any dive facility. There are no dive facilities at Calapan. The nearest dive facilities can be found in Puerto Galera which is roughly 50kms from Calapan. To get to dive on this reef divers must bring full set of gear (tanks, weights and all) either from Puerto Galera or all the way from Manila!
Shore entry and exit from Silonay Island would be the recommended approach when diving this reef. Boat dive is possible but, as of our travelogue time, boatmen are not familiar with handling divers just yet. It is likely that they can not spot you when you exit near blue water like from our experience.

This reef has a sandy flat bottom on the south side of Silonay Island at 65 ft depth and the best sections are at 30 to 40 ft. The southwest side has a drop/wall that slopes down to over 130ft. Gorgonians Sea Fans are plentiful (indicates an area with strong currents) and the Massive Corals are living up to their name here ... truly massive!

Waypoint narrative by: EPPGarcia 2006     follow EPPGarcia on Facebook