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Dumaguete Belfry
Province:  Negros Oriental
09° 18.321N   123° 18.464E
Listed in Gallery:   Old Church

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The Dumaguete Bell Tower is the oldest known Belfry in the province of Negros Oriental, a historical structure built in the year 1811, standing next to the majestic St Catherine of Alexandria Cathedral (which was also built in the same year, but its present structure has been renovated already). The Bell Tower was built to forewarn the locals of any incoming danger. It remains to be the oldest bell tower in the Visayas and is a very famous architectural landmark in the city. Because of its antiquity and authenticity it may well look out of place in the midst of the city's modern day activities. But although it has been restored and given some additions over the years like the garden and grotto of Our Lady of Perpetual Help at its base, it has retained its ancient look right down to the now moss covered exterior walls. Due to its proximity to the Dumaguete city public market and the downtown area, traffic around the Bell Tower tend to be heavy on the peak hours between 9 am and 5 pm according to locals. The place is generally always packed with people, milling about near its base. Devotees regularly light candles at the grotto area to profess their faith or to say their prayer requests. Some just stop over to pay a curious visit (just like me!).

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