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HALMS Mangrove Project
Town/City:  Calapan
Province:  Oriental Mindoro
13° 24.595N   121° 09.000E
Listed in Gallery:   Conservation Site

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This is the mangrove replanting project site of the Halcon Mountaineering Society (HALMS). A fairly large project aimed to bring back to life the vast expanse of mangrove forest ecosystem in Calapan, Mindoro that was lost over the years due to uncontrolled harvesting of the mangrove trees for the production of charcoal.

Waypoint narrative by: EPPGarcia 2006     follow EPPGarcia on Facebook

Additional narratives or blogs:
First 2 photos above were taken in 2006 just a little after the Mangrove Project started. The next 3 photos were taken 3 years after (2009). As you can see, the mangroves have grown to be nearly as high as the man standing in photo #4

By: EPPGarcia 2009

Photos 6 and 7 were taken in 2013. The mangroves have grown to more than twice the height of a person.

The concrete platform/bridge shown in the photo was built in 2011 for the Miss Earth beauty pageant. The platform makes access to the project site easier. However, access to this very same concrete platform is difficult because the bamboo bridge leading to the concrete platform has worn down due to neglect in maintenance.

By: EPPGarcia 2013