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Mt. Manabo
Province:  Batangas
13° 59.630N   121° 14.167E
Listed in Gallery:   Mountain Peak

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Mt. Manabo, Malarayat Mountain Range, Batangas


Take the South Super Highway (SSHWY) and exit on Sto. Tomas, Batangas exit. Take the road to Star Tollway and exit toward Lipa, Batangas. After the Star Tollway exit, turn right. Once you reach Lipa City, turn left on
the rotunda with the Mcdonald's Lipa Branch on your right. The next landmark to your right is the Robinson's Mall and further down is the Shoe Mart Lipa City Mall. After that, take the road to the right leading to the Malarayat Golf and Country Club. From that corner, drive down about 6 kilometers more or less and turn right into a smaller street leading to
the jumpoff point. If I am correct, the town or Barangay is named Sto. Domingo. You cannot miss it because beckoning right in front of you is Mount Malarayat.

At the jumpoff point, there is a parking lot where one can safely park their vehicles and a sizeable resting shed and toilet for you to prepare for the climb, the place is clean and well taken care of. There are no guides that we saw in the area and it was good that we brought our own guides with us who knew the terrain very well. The trek is a very pleasant one which lasted about about two hours. It is more a long walk and a bit of climb. It is not a rough and tumble type of mountain climb at
all. Even at the peak, it was quite easy going and the area just before the final summit was wide with a clear grass patch sizeable enough for a big group to rest. The sights were beautiful. To the west we could see Mount Makolot, to the south; we could see the mountain range of Mount Malarayat. Unlike the other mountains we climbed, Manabo is covered with secondary growth as you trek toward the top, so there will be less
opportunity to take pictures unless you are fond of plants. It was at the peak where one can really see 360 degrees. There is a white cross at the top of Manabo as well.

Mount Manabo is the lowest peak in the mountain range. It is also one of the easiest to climb. Along the way, one can see a lot of flora and fauna. Interesting plants endemic to the area. We even came across a tuko laying
its eggs right on the pathway! There are very small brooks and streams that you have to cross. Some of them have fish! It remains to be seen how fish got there since they certainly were not salmon! They must have been
placed there by some well meaning climber. Mount Manabo is about 700 meters above sea level which is about the same elevation as Tagaytay City.

On the way down, we stopped by Camp Station 8 where we were able to refresh ourselves through a stream of water. Don't drink it unless you are extremely thirsty. The water is suppose to be clean but no one really
knows how clean it is. Better to use it to cool you down after a long trek back. All in all, it took us about 5 hours back and forth. This was at a record slow pace since we really took our time to enjoy the sights.

Waypoint narrative by: Fernando_Delos-Reyes 2007