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San Roque Dam
Province:  Pangasinan
16° 07.000N   120° 41.000E
Note: The above coordinates were only calculated from a map; not actual reading; may not be accurate.
Listed in Gallery:   Manmade Structure

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San Roque Dam (Multi Purpose Project) is the latest to harness the power of the mighty
Agno river. Farther upstream can be found Ambuklao and Binga Dams.

How to get there

Follow the road going north thru Pampanga, Tarlac and Pangasinan.
Turn right and head east at the town of Binalonan until you reach San Manuel. From San
Manuel, go north to find Barangay San Roque. When in San Roque, you will not be lost as
the dam can be seen from far away in the mountains up ahead . At present though, access is restricted for security and safety purposes. You may need someone from inside to have you
as guests for you to tour and see the sights. Vehicles are required to have "Daytime
Driving Lights" after crossing the bridge. I don't know if that was required only during
the construction stage.

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