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WaypointsDotPH Discussion eGroup

We have an eGroup at Yahoo where any trekker or traveller, enthusiast or veteran alike can discuss matters pertaining to Philippine Treks, Destinations, GPS waypoints or just about anything around these subjects.

You can join and post questions, ask directions, give suggestions, or announce events to the whole group. You can read through discussions and learn a lesson or two, or start a discussion where members can share their opinions.  With this eGroup, we hope to provide a means where members can help each other out more effectively.

Members share all sorts of things, from whether to make a homemade pull up bar vs buy and assemble to how to sharpen knife with stone at home. Members have tested glass bowl vs stainless steel bowl for making cookies and even found the best loofah for showering with. It's an interesting discussion group and we'd love to have you join in.

Please note that the eGroup is moderated and each membership requires approval from the moderator.  We are doing this only for the purpose of controlling SPAM .. members who post spam are automatically removed from the group. Otherwise everybody and anybody interested to discuss matters as stated above are very much welcome to join the eGroup

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